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I need to execute something like this in a CRUD form (simplified example):

$crud->form->js('submit',$crud->form->getElement('data')->js()->val('My text'));

I need to change data field before submit. The event is executed but field is not updated. I guess POST values are already assigned when this event is fired.

data is a textarea hidden by a TinyMCE component I'm trying to integrate as an addon. All works ok but when form is sent via ajax you need to manually update textarea from TinyMCE content. I've tested a lot of ways, including "raw" javascript (js("submit","document.getElementById(...)") but no luck until now.

Do you know how can I have this field changed before submitting?.


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tricky question :) some ideas before there is a proper answer: destroy the button then create new one which performs JS action then submits+Disable enter on the form (here is how: Another idea is to assign submit() event on form, not the div. ->js(true)->find('form')->submit( ... ); Finally we can patch form.js, submitForm method with a callback (beforeSubmit) – romaninsh Jun 24 '13 at 16:58
Thanks Romans! Finally I decided to modify ui.atk4_form.js adding just one line that launches the event 'beforesubmit'. I sent a pull request to github if you want to include it in the project. As atk4_form uses preventDefault stoppropagation you cant't simply bind event submit to form and then the other solutions are too complicated for something so simple :) – Jaume Jun 25 '13 at 6:12
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Solved adding this.form.trigger('beforesubmit') in ui.atk4-form.js before form data serialization.

Then you can add in your code:

$form->js('beforesubmit', ...
  //Changes to fields done here are submitted because form fields are still not processed.
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