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I'm trying to create a agent job that rebuilds the indexes for our SQL 2008 R2 Database attached to a Deltek 6.1 Interface.


exec sp_msforeachtable 'DBCC DBREINDEX("?"," ",0)'

Noticing that some of the indexes are actually getting substantially more fragmented. Could this be due to index spacing? We've had this happen on our test and production networks with various different ways of rebuilding. Tables are generally large, we are updating stats after running the rebuild.

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Script for rebuilding all table indexes in SQL Server:

USE DatabaseName --Enter the name of the database you want to reindex 

DECLARE @TableName varchar(255) 


SELECT table_name FROM information_schema.tables 

WHERE table_type = 'base table' 

OPEN TableCursor 

FETCH NEXT FROM TableCursor INTO @TableName 



DBCC DBREINDEX(@TableName,' ',90) 

FETCH NEXT FROM TableCursor INTO @TableName 


CLOSE TableCursor 

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We're already doing the same thing as that query, we're just using the already existing fillfactor rather than defining a new one. The issue we're having is that the average fragmentation in % is acually getting worse after running a rebuild/reorganize script. –  fortysixty Jun 25 '13 at 17:17
What is the size of database? if you have restrit the amount of space you may have a problem, you need at lest 10% of free space accomplish a sucessful defragmentation. –  MineScript Jun 25 '13 at 23:15
The size of the database is roughly 60GB, with 15.5 GB Free space –  fortysixty Jul 10 '13 at 20:21

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