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I'm trying to test email in functional test...

My source code is the same as the example of the cookbook,

the controller :

public function sendEmailAction($name)
    $message = \Swift_Message::newInstance()
        ->setSubject('Hello Email')
        ->setBody('You should see me from the profiler!')


    return $this->render(...);

And the test :

// src/Acme/DemoBundle/Tests/Controller/MailControllerTest.php
use Symfony\Bundle\FrameworkBundle\Test\WebTestCase;

class MailControllerTest extends WebTestCase
    public function testMailIsSentAndContentIsOk()
        $client = static::createClient();

        // Enable the profiler for the next request (it does nothing if the profiler is not available)

        $crawler = $client->request('POST', '/path/to/above/action');

        $mailCollector = $client->getProfile()->getCollector('swiftmailer');

        // Check that an e-mail was sent
        $this->assertEquals(1, $mailCollector->getMessageCount());

        $collectedMessages = $mailCollector->getMessages();
        $message = $collectedMessages[0];

        // Asserting e-mail data
        $this->assertInstanceOf('Swift_Message', $message);
        $this->assertEquals('Hello Email', $message->getSubject());
        $this->assertEquals('', key($message->getFrom()));
        $this->assertEquals('', key($message->getTo()));
            'You should see me from the profiler!',

however I got this error :

PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function getCollector() on a non-object

The problem comes from this line :

$mailCollector = $client->getProfile()->getCollector('swiftmailer');

any idea ?

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was my answer helpful? if yes please upvote/accept otherwise please comment if something's missing or not working :-) – nifr Jun 26 '13 at 19:47
I am not able to check for the while... but don't worry, I keep your solution and will try it out next week ;) – ousmane Jun 27 '13 at 15:15

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The exception is being thrown because getProfile() returns false if the profiler is not enabled. see here.

public function getProfile()
    if (!$this->kernel->getContainer()->has('profiler')) {
        return false;

    return $this->kernel->getContainer()->get('profiler')->loadProfileFromResponse($this->response);

Furthermore enableProfiler()only enables the profiler if it is registered with the service-container aka enabled. see here.

public function enableProfiler()
    if ($this->kernel->getContainer()->has('profiler')) {
        $this->profiler = true;

Now you have to make sure the profiler is enabled in the test environment. ( should normally be the default setting )


       enabled: true

You could add something like this to your test:

$this->assertEquals($this->kernel->getContainer()->has('profiler'), true);
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Hi @nifr, it is really helpful for me. thnx – kuldipem Nov 7 '14 at 10:29

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