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I need to semi-secure(meaning people could give these access codes away, and it will work for anyone) a site using access codes, no username or passwords, just a 5 digit access codes. But I would want to be able to still use the [Authorize] functionality. I believe I will I can't use the default membership (as its not really a membership), any ideas on how to approach this?

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  1. Use the standard SQL Membership providers.
  2. Use your 5-digit access code as the username
  3. Hardcode a default password in your controllers (so the user interface never sees it).

Caution should be used because this is very unsecure.

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That's a good idea. Yes it is very unsecure, but it's not secure info, they just want to make you feel special for having an access code. – Spooks Jun 24 '13 at 17:41

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