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For example, I have controllers: showpage and admin.
Url: for this, my controller runs OK.
For routing run a function pageAction() in showpage controller - it's ok.

But how I can do it when any URL requested:

  1. Check is controller exist and run it
  2. If not, try use pageAction() from showpage controller
  3. If page isn't exist, redirect to 404

I want for URL run (if controller example don't exist)

How I can do it?

Function pageAction() check is requested page exists and show it - from .txt files.

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Post your Route file – noobie-php Jul 13 '13 at 1:24
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Well you can use your ErrorController for this. If the controller or action name is not found then you will get the error 500 and you will be routed to your ErrorController. You can then redirect people to wherever you want them to go

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