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In matplotlib, is there any (especially clever) way to save a figure with multiple extensions?

Use case: I generally want .png's for quick-look examination, uploading to the web, etc. But for publication-quality figures, I want .pdf or .eps files. Often, I want all 3.

It's not hard to do:

for suffix in 'png eps pdf'.split():

but it does involve a lot of rewriting code (since I generally just have savefig(figname+'.png') everywhere right now), and this seems like an easy case for a convenient wrapper function.

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If you always do

from matplotlib import pyplot as pl

then you could concievably reassign pl.savefig in one place and it would affect all places.

from matplotlib import pyplot as pl
def save_figs(fn,types=('.pdf',)):
    fig = pl.gcf()
    for t in types:
pl.savefig = save_figs

If you usually do


then that will require more effort.

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you can monkeypatch classes just fine. –  tcaswell Jun 25 '13 at 1:04

You can specify the file type as shown in the documentation for savefig by using format. But as far as I know you can only specify a single format.

While not especially clever, to minimised rewriting code you should write a save_fig function. This can then handle automatically creating appropriate file names and a quality.

def save_fig(fig_name, quality="quick-look"):
    if "quick-look" in quality:
         # save fig with .png etc
    if "pub-qual" in quality:
         # save fig with increased dpi etc etc. 

Probably not the answer you're looking for as it will require you to rewrite every savefig however I feel this kind of thing can help reduce the amount of repeated code overall.

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That's a nice approach, and there's a good chance I'll go with it; I think it would be nice if matplotlib allowed another syntax for saving similar to this: savefig(prefix,types=('png','pdf')), which is along the lines of what you've shown. –  keflavich Jun 24 '13 at 16:17
I would write your wrapper function to take a list of extensions, and then monkey-patch it in –  tcaswell Jun 24 '13 at 16:17

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