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I'm using the Azure Mobile Service for a Windows Phone 8 project.

I am trying to store complex types in my database and therefore use json.net's JsonConverter.

My data-class looks like this:

pubic class Data
 public ComplexType SomeMember{get;set;}


That seems to work fine, but there is one problem: I want to map the 'Data'-class to a database table with a different name, like 'data_something'

This can be achieved by using

public class Data{

But then the Json.NET Annotations are ignored.

Is there a way to use Json.NET and specify the Table-Name separately? Or perhaps another way to use Azure Mobile to get the right table even if the class name is not the same. (I'm currently using dataTable= MobileService.GetTable<Data>();)

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You can use the [DataTable] attribute for that:

public class Data
    public ComplexType SomeMember { get; set; }
    // other members ommitted
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Thank you! Don't know how I missed that. –  Bob Jun 24 '13 at 16:51

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