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I am developing some software that generates a user interface for inputting data into a very complicated XML file. I have an input text file that describes what GUI fields to present to the user, and the XPath to the element's storage in the XML file. So, for example, given the following XML:

        <B someAttr="Hello"/>

I might show a GUI field with a text box whose XPath is "/A/B/@someAttr". In this way, I know where to read the original value from to show in the text box, and then I also know where to store it back when the user clicks "OK." This is all good and well, and I have it working. Now for the question -

There is a great deal of XSD that describes how the XML file is structured, what fields are required, and data about the string fields (ie, max field length, etc...) So, for my very simple example above, there might be an XSD like the following (I apologize if this is not valid XSD, I am just trying to get the point across...):

    <complexType name="B">
            <attribute name="someAttr" use="required"/>

    <complexType name="A">
            <element name="B" type="B" minOccurs="0"/>

Now, given that I know the XPath to the GUI field is /A/B/@someAttr, is there some way in .NET to get the XSD element associated with @someAttr? I'd use this, for example, to then validate that the field is formatted correctly; I could also "mark" the GUI field as required, etc. Note that I'm not looking for how to validate the XML against the XSD -- I am looking to do my "processing" when the GUI is displayed, so that I can immediately mark required fields on the GUI, or set the max field length to the one denoted in the XSD, etc.

Please note that I am coding this in C# so would appreciate .NET-specific pointers.

Edited: Another way to state this might be, "given an XSD, and an xpath that represents a selection of an element or attribute from XML that is described by that XSD, is there a way to get the chunk of XSD that represents the schema for that element or attribute that would be selected by the xpath expression?"

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You can look it up on the fly, but it could get messy e.g Node C of type B. Types can be nested. Nodes can have local restrictions. Node name may not be enough e.g. an element named item could be different for different parents / paths. What we do is parse the xsd and build up a tree, so you can skip through, element/complexType,Sequence,Element etc. A simple XSD you might get away with, one where someone has gone mental, slow and painful, especially if you have choice elements.\ – Tony Hopkinson Jun 24 '13 at 16:39
ps one thing that would help if doable would be unique element names. e.g. don't have order/item and invoice/item – Tony Hopkinson Jun 24 '13 at 16:41

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