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So, awhile ago, I started teaching myself kivy. I started with the main kivy website and went through its pong making tutorial and upon finishing that I decided to try and give it key input. I just can't seem to find any kind of guide to key input with kivy! Anyone know some kind of tutorial or can provide some easy to understand code? I did look at the Keyboard Listener in the examples folder of kivy, but I'm not quite sure how to use that if I'm supposed to.

Thanks for any assistance.

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I guess you are asking how to control the paddles with the keyboard. I assume you have the final ping pong codes running on your computer (If not, you can find them at the end of this section).

1 - In the import the Window class:

from kivy.core.window import Window

2 - Redefine the beginning of the PongGame class so it looks like the following:

class PongGame(Widget):
    ball = ObjectProperty(None)
    player1 = ObjectProperty(None)
    player2 = ObjectProperty(None)

    def __init__(self, **kwargs):
        super(PongGame, self).__init__(**kwargs)
        self._keyboard = Window.request_keyboard(self._keyboard_closed, self)

    def _keyboard_closed(self):
        self._keyboard = None

    def _on_keyboard_down(self, keyboard, keycode, text, modifiers):
        if keycode[1] == 'w':
            self.player1.center_y += 10
        elif keycode[1] == 's':
            self.player1.center_y -= 10
        elif keycode[1] == 'up':
            self.player2.center_y += 10
        elif keycode[1] == 'down':
            self.player2.center_y -= 10
        return True

Voilà! Press w and s for the left paddle and up and down for the right paddle.

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Ah, that seems to work for the time being, but what would I do if I wanted each class to have their own key checking? Would I only have to use the _on_keyboard_down func in each class? Or would I have to initialize the keyboard multiple times? – Alex Jun 25 '13 at 16:42
@Alex, that is a different question. Feel free to ask a new question instead of using the comments. – toto_tico Jun 25 '13 at 16:54
You would have to use _keyboard.bind() in all the widgets that need it. – Tshirtman Jun 25 '13 at 18:44

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