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I've just created a very simple window azure project with a web application. When I press 'Ctrl+F5' to deploy it to azure emulator, it keeps getting the message: Roles instances are taking longer than expected to start. Do you want continue to waiting?

I've checked the dfagent.log file showing:

[2013/06/24, 16:16:35.532,  INFO, 00008500] DFAgent host address: 
[2013/06/24, 16:16:39.849, ERROR, 00010496] Failed to read pipe.
[2013/06/24, 16:16:39.849, ERROR, 00012032] Failed to read pipe.
[2013/06/24, 16:16:39.853, ERROR, 00010496] RuntimepPipeClientThread=0x8007006d
[2013/06/24, 16:16:39.997, ERROR, 00001176] Failed to read pipe.
[2013/06/24, 16:16:39.998, ERROR, 00008392] Failed to read pipe.
[2013/06/24, 16:16:40.306, ERROR, 00005136] Failed to read pipe.
[2013/06/24, 16:16:40.313, ERROR, 00005136] RuntimepPipeClientThread=0x8007006d
[2013/06/24, 16:16:40.322,  INFO, 00012036] Called`enter code here` GetState
[2013/06/24, 16:16:40.322,  INFO, 00012036] There are 0 notifications.
[2013/06/24, 16:16:40.322,  INFO, 00012036] There are 0 completion events.
[2013/06/24, 16:16:40.322,  INFO, 00012036] GetState returned.
[2013/06/24, 16:16:40.806, ERROR, 00008440] Failed to read pipe.

I've checked all the process and found no conflicted process running. Did restart computer, re-install emulator and checking all similar questions on stackoverflow as well.

Any help?

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Did you read this blog post about port 808 and DFAgent?

The net.tcp binding uses port 808. If your web roles hang and your debugger can’t attach but the roles are not being recycled then the cause may be because you already have a binding to this port.

It’s important to understand that the role instances and dfagent, the diagnostics monitor, uses this port to chatter.

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