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My Twitter widget suddenly stopped working. My site is hosted with Arvixe, Azure, a local ISP and on a local server (different DNS entries). Without making changes my twitter widget stopped listing tweets. I tried different Twitter accounts, no change. External inputs (Facebook like and online contact forms are working 100%).

Anyone experiencing the same issue?

My conclusion so far: 1. Was working, no need to reinstall the widget 2. Multiple sites were working without making changes 3. Changing twitter account information, same result

Thanks in advance.

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The twitter API v1.0 has been deprecated so any widget using this will need to be upgraded to v1.1

You have not specified the module you are using, but the one I use has a new version released which is working perfectly with the new API. If you are using a different module see if they have a new version or contact the developer about an update.

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I had Orchard.Module.LatestTwitter 1.2.1 installed and reinstalled the module. Once reinstalled two new fields appeared (OAuth Consumer Key and OAuth Consumer Secret).

I created a Twitter application ( which generated OAuth Consumer Key and OAuth Consumer Secret values.

Note: I am using a dev environment (e.g.localhost) and specified valid www url’s within Twitter - it worked after stopping and starting the website within WebMatrix.

Thanks for the guidance.

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