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I am reading some lines from a CSV file, converting them to business objects, aggregating these to batches and passing the resulting aggregates to a bean, which may throw an PersistenceException. Somehow like this: from(file:inputdir).split().tokenize("\n").bean(a).aggregate(constant(true), new AbstractListAggregationStrategy(){...}).completionSize(3).bean(b)

I have a onException(Exception.class).handled(true).to("file:failuredir").log(). If an exception occurs on bean(a), everything is handled as expected: wrong lines in inputdir/input.csv are written to failuredir/input.csv. Now if bean(b) fails, Camel seems to fail reconstructing the original message:

message.org.apache.camel.component.file.GenericFileOperationFailedException: Cannot store file: target/failure/ID-myhostname-34516-1372093690069-0-7

Having tried various attempts to get this working, like using HawtDBAggregationRepository, toggling useOriginalMessage at onException and propagating back the exception in my AggregationStrategy, I am out of ideas.

How can I achieve the same behaviour for bean(b) which can be seen with bean(a)?

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The aggregator is a stateful EIP pattern, so when it sends out a message, then its a new Exchange. So the bean(b) cannot get access to the original message that came from the file route.

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