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Im trying to add a fuzzy search feature to filter objects in a collection. The console is showing that the Fuse is working correctly and returning the correct objects. Now the question is how do I pass the filtered collection to my view to be rendered.

Here is the collection:

define(["jquery", "backbone", "models/MachineModel"],

function($, Backbone, Model) {

var MachineCollection = Backbone.Collection.extend({

  model: Model,
  url: '/api/machines',
  searchablefields: ['name', 'type', 'ips', 'dataset', 'cpus', 'datacenter', 'state'], 

  rebuildIndex: function(options) {
    var _ref;
    if (options == null) {
      options = {
        keys: this.searchablefields
    return this._fuse = new Fuse(_.pluck(this.models, 'attributes'), options);


  search: function(query) {


    var result =;





return MachineCollection;


and here is my view

define(["jquery", "backbone", "views/cloud/machines/SingleMachineView", "text!templates/cloud/machines/allMachines.html"],

function($, Backbone, SingleMachineView, template){

    var AllMachinesView = Backbone.View.extend({

        el: "#magic",

        initialize: function() {
            // Calls the view's render method
            this.collection.on('add', this.addMachine, this);
            this.collection.on('reset', this.onCollectionReset, this);


        // View Event Handlers
        events: {
            'keyup #filter': 'fuzzySearch'

        // SUBVIEWS
        // ========

        onCollectionReset: function(collection) {

            console.log('collection reset');

            var that = this;

            $(collection).each(function (model) {

        addMachine: function(model) {

            var machineHTML = (new SingleMachineView({ model: model })).render().el;


        // FUZZY SEARCH
        // ============

        fuzzySearch: function(e) {
            var query = $(;

        // RENDER
        // ======

        render: function() {

            this.template = _.template(template);


            return this;



    return AllMachinesView;


any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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