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I am recording data from an Omron PLC using the Communications control supplied as part of the Omron CX-Server package (actually CX-Server Lite).

I am using the GetData method, which sets up calls to the OnData routine every time data is extracted from the PLC. I have named the Communications control 'Comms1'. This works well using VBA (Excel 2007), after I have set up and linked the Communications control to the correct project (.CDM) file:

Public Sub StartData()
    Dim blCheck As Boolean

    Comms1.OpenPLC ("PLCName")
    blCheck = Comms1.IsPointValid("Point1", "PLCName")
    MsgBox (CStr(blCheck))
    Comms1.GetData "NewPLC1", "Point1", intUpdateRate
End Sub

Private Sub Comms1_OnData(ByVal PLC As String, ByVal Point As String, ByVal Value As Variant, ByVal BadQuality As Boolean)
    MsgBox (CStr(Value))
End Sub

But ... when I try to use this code in Visual Basic (Visual Studio Express 2012), it doesn't work (no data is returned)! For a start, I am informed that the IsPointValid method does not exist (but I still get no data back even when this is not included in the code).

I think a clue might be that the automatically created prototype for the Comms1_OnData routine is very different in VB than VBA. In VB it looks like this:

 Private Sub Comms1_OnData(sender As Object, e As AxCXSERVERCOMMUNICATIONSCONTROLLib._ISSCXServerCommunicationCtrlEvents_OnDataEvent) Handles AxComms1.OnData

But I am not experienced enough to know why this automatically created prototype should be different in VBA and VB (I assume they are derived from the same reference file?).

As far as I know I have included the same Omron references within both the VBA and VB projects.

Appreciate that further detail may well be required; if anyone thinks they can help just let me know what is needed.

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It sounds like you need the manual specific to using CX-Server Lite in .NET - see here :… –  J... Jun 25 '13 at 17:39
Thanks for the tip - everything I needed was in there. –  ploddingOn Jul 2 '13 at 9:01

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