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Im using nodejs to parse some JSON files and insert them into mongodb,the JSON in these files have invalid JSON characters like \n,\" etc .. The thing that i dont understand is that if i tried to parse like :


i get


but if i tried to parse the input from the file (The file has the same string {"foo":"bar\n"})like:

new lazy(fs.createReadStream("info.json"))
var line = line.toString(); 

every thing works fine , i want to know if this fine and its ok to parse the files i have, or i should replace all invalid JSON characters before i parse the files , and why is there a difference between the two.


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If you can read "\n" if your text file, then it's not an end of line but the \ character followed by a n.

\n in a JavaScript string literal adds an end of line and they're forbidden in JSON strings.

See json.org :

enter image description here

To put an end of line in a JSON string, you must escape it, which means you must escape the \ in a JavaScript string so that there's "\n" in the string received by JSON.parse :


This would produce an object whose foo property value would contain an end of line :

enter image description here

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I see ,thanks for you but what if i want the \n in the string literal to be a normal character not a line feed how i write it (\n is invalid and \\n is a line feed)? –  ibmkhd Jun 24 '13 at 17:52
i get it '{"foo":"bar\\\\n"}' :) –  ibmkhd Jun 24 '13 at 17:54

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