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I've been struggling with this one for a while now and I'm hoping someone here can help me out. I have a project written in VB.NET (.NET 4.0, VS 2012) which is using EF 5 and a generic repo/UoW setup. I'm needing to dynamically create predicates to pass to my repo's Where() function, which is implemented as simply:

    Public Function Where(predicate As Expression(Of Func(Of T, Boolean))) As IEnumerable(Of T) Implements IDatabaseRepository(Of T).Where
        Return _context.GetDBSet(Of T).Where(predicate).ToList()
    End Function

The predicates can get somewhat complex depending on the criteria the user has entered. This is one example of a predicate I am trying to build dynamically.

Function(p) p.ProductCategoryID = 56 AndAlso p.ProductLabels.Any(Function(pl) pl.ProductID = p.ProductID AndAlso (pl.LabelID = 2 OrElse pl.LabelID = 3)) AndAlso p.ProductLabels.Any(Function(pl) pl.ProductID = p.ProductID AndAlso pl.LabelID = 27) AndAlso p.ProductPrices.Any(Function(pp) pp.ProductID = p.ProductID AndAlso pp.PriceTypeID = 2 AndAlso pp.Price > 10)

If I pass this just like this to the Where function I get the results I expect. I can't figure out how to dynamically create this, though. I've played with the PredicateBuilder, but I couldn't get that working.

The predicate could be as simple as:

Function(p) p.SKU.StartsWith("ABC")

Or as complex as the one above.

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I have used the following to do this, but it can get ugly quick. How to: Use Expression Trees to Build Dynamic Queries

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