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My data will be distributed among 50 databases with identical schema, let's say only one table ORDER (one DB for each of 50 clients) but each record must be globally identifiable. I plan to use numeric UID as PK.

My understanding is that mySQL will create a clustered index for this PK.

The data will always be inserted in monotonically increasing UID order.

Question about query performance: I have two choices when deciding how to generate uids. Which one will be better for query performance (within a given DB), or it doesn't matter?

1) For each client/database I assign a fixed hardcoded 'range' which will definitely be sufficient for all the future records there: I pick a really huge numeric range on the scale of 10^15 and within a range I start incrementing by one so that all UID values for this particular DB will be large but there will be no 'holes' between them

2) I use a globally shared HiLo generator for records in all databases, which means for a given DB the records there will have a smaller value (compared to 10^15 scale in #1) but there will be more 'holes' between sequential UID records (or rather, between batches of UID: i.e. if the batch size is 100 there will be UIDs: 100,101,102,...199, and then 1400,1401,1402..1499, and then possibly 16000,16001,..16099)

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Are you planning on hosting these 50 databases on 50 servers? Is this addressing a performance concern, or is this only mean to seaparate data (for privacy reasons)? –  RandomSeed Jun 24 '13 at 17:59
yes, because of privacy reasons they will have to be separate servers –  rstepanenko Jun 24 '13 at 18:33

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The simplest solution would be adding an instance_id column to all tables, predetermined for each database, and use the standard auto_increment mechanism. The actual unique id for a record would be the tuple (instance_id, autinc_val).

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I am trying to avoid composite keys because they complicate things when communicating and coding, but thank you for proposing this solution –  rstepanenko Jun 24 '13 at 18:50

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