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Sorry if my post is duplicate.

I'm using DevExpress tools to develop my website.

Many people say that the use of AssociatedControlId renders the ASP.NET Label control to tag in HTML.

What I need is to apply my CSS class to the label tag. The problem is that if i use AssociatedControlId i need to have a Textbox control with the same ID as the AssociatedControlId at the label...

What's should i do?

<dx:ASPxLabel EnableDefaultAppearance="true" CssClass="fl" ID="lblDate" runat="server" Text="ASPxLabel"></dx:ASPxLabel>

Run mode:

<span class="dxeBase_KarnelTravel fl" id="ContentPlaceHolder1_lblDate">ASPxLabel</span>
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The <label> element in html is a label for an <input> element. So the TextBox that is made as an <input> tag if it is associated with a asp:Label or ASPxLabel which is just an extention of the asp:Label will indicate to the .Net framework to translate it as a html <label> tag.

In essence if you don't have a TextBox there is no point to translate the asp:Label to html tag.

You had better add a new CSS class and format the span as you please if you don't want the TextBox.

If you do want a TextBox, then you should add it to your ASPX file and assign to id the same ID attribute value with the AssociatedControlId value at your label.

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