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I followed the tutorial on to achieve a camera that follows my player sprite with zoom in/out functionality.

however, when I zoom in/out the camera seems to either slowly move away from the sprite whilst moving, I don't think I'm setting the position right, but I can't seem to figure out what it needs to be.

Here's some snippets if it helps

  if (cam.Follow)
            RectangleF temp = playerBoundingBox;
            cam.Pos = new Vector2(
                (temp.X + temp.Width / 2)*cam.Zoom,
               temp.Y + temp.Height / 2) * cam.Zoom;

    public Matrix get_transformation(GraphicsDevice graphicsDevice)
        _transform =
            // Add Zoom
               new Vector3((_zoom * _zoom * _zoom),
                                 (_zoom * _zoom * _zoom), 0))
            // Add Camera Rotation
             * Matrix.CreateRotationZ(_rotation)
            // Add Camera Position
             * Matrix.CreateTranslation(
                new Vector3((graphicsDevice.Viewport.Width * 0.5f) - _pos.X,
                                 (graphicsDevice.Viewport.Height * 0.5f) - _pos.Y,
        return _transform;

thank you in advance.

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I found the answer through

Position = Vector2.Zero;
ScreenPosition = new Vector2(GraphicsDevice.ViewPort.Width / 2, GraphicsDevice.ViewPort.Height / 2);
Zoom = Vector2.Zero;
Rotation = 0;
public virtual Matrix ViewTransformationMatrix() 
    Vector3 matrixRotOrigin = new Vector3(Position, 0); 
    Vector3 matrixScreenPos = new Vector3(ScreenPosition, 0.0f); 

    return Matrix.CreateTranslation(-matrixRotOrigin) * 
        Matrix.CreateScale(Zoom.X, Zoom.Y, 1.0f) * 
        Matrix.CreateRotationZ(Rotation) * 

would have been the correct matrix to use, for some reason the matrix I posted in my original post cubes the zoom value

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