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Does anyone have a good pointer to examples which use futures from the Boost thread library with Boost ASIO? I have an existing asynchronous library which uses callback function that I would like to provide a friendlier synchronous interface for.

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It is difficult to provide a concise solution without understanding the interactions with the existing asynchronous library. Nevertheless, this answer uses Boost.Future and Boost.Asio to implement an Active Object pattern. When creating a future, consider examining the existing asynchronous library to determine which approach is more appropriate:

  • boost::packaged_task provides a functor that can create a future. This functor can be executed within the context of Boost.Asio io_service. Some additional level of wrapping may be required to integrate with the existing asynchronous library, as well as work around rvalue semantics. Consider using this approach if the current function calls already return the value.
  • boost::promise provides a lower level object which can have its value set. It may require modifying existing functions need to accept the promise as an argument, and populate it within the function. The promise would be bound to the handler that is provided to Boost.Asio io_service. As with boost::packaged_task, it may require an additional level of wrapping to deal with rvalue semantics.

Finally, Boost.Asio 1.54 (currently in beta), provides first-class support for C++ futures. Here is the official example. Even if you are unable to currently use 1.54 beta, it may be beneficial to examine the interface and implementation.

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