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My question is similar to this question. But I want to query by the discriminator of a child entity associated with a one-to-one relationship, and without knowing the exact discriminator value, i.e., by type not by string.

Given an hbm like:

<class name="Parent" table="ParentTable">
    <id name="Id">
        <generator class="guid.comb" />
    <one-to-one name="Child" class="IChild" property-ref="Parent" cascade="all" />

<class name="IChild" table="ChildTable" abstract="true">
    <id name="Id">
        <generator class="foreign">
            <param name="property">Parent</param>
    <discriminator column="TypeKey" type="String"/>
    <one-to-one name="Parent" class="Parent" />

<subclass name="ConcreteChild" extends="IChild" discriminator-value="Concrete1">
  <property name="SomeProperty"/>

Or any other one-to-one configuration, I would like to run a query similar to this:

public IEnumerable<Parent> FindByChild(Type childType)
    return session.CreateCriteria<Parent>()
        .Add(Restrictions.Eq("Child.class", childType))

Further information:

  • The above criteria query fails because "Child.class" is not recognized as valid.

  • A similar query using HQL fails because NHibernate uses the fullname of childType rather than its discriminator value in the query.

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Have you tried using an alias? I can't test it right now on my machine, but should be similar to this..

return session.CreateCriteria<Parent>()
                .Add(Restrictions.Eq("ParentChild.class", childType))

where ParentChild is just the name I used to refer to the Child entity of the Parent class

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Ingenious! I can't fathom why that fixes the problem but it does! Saved me who-knows-how-many-hours, thanks! –  joniba Jun 25 '13 at 7:44
I'm glad it helped. Just to elaborate more on the answer and for others that might have a similar situation, i believe that everytime you need to add a condition related to a collection of an entity, you should create an alias to refer to it. At least that's how i do it... –  Sergio A. Jun 26 '13 at 17:50

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