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I'm getting this really annoying problem with my dropdown menu in Safari & Chrome for both Mac and Windows.

It seems fine in other browsers, even IE7+ (shocking I know).

The dropdown is supposed to be absolutely positioned to the parent <li>, I've set left: 0; however the dropdown is showing underneath the following <li> instead.


I've had this problem in IE in the past, but I'd expect better from WebKit!

Also, here is the problem looks in Safari (different, but I imagine the cause is the same): Safari

Here is a link to the page (hover over the 'Blogs' link): -

Does anyone know how I can go about fixing it? I've tried all kinds of combinations, even found out that if I position bottom: 0 then the dropdown appears under the correct <li>, however obviously it then doesn't look right! Strange though.

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I am not sure if this would work but you could try setting the parent element's position to relative.

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