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I am creating a test application to get system information.

When I run this command

[int] $cdCodeIntTest = Get-WmiObject win32_cdromdrive | select ConfigManagerErrorCode

According to the powershell program: it returns a "Selected.System.Management.ManagementObject", but the online documentation says that the type is a [uint32] (unsigned 32 bit integer).

How do I typecast the error code to an integer or hex value so that I can switch on the value at a later point?

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You need to expand the property to get just the value, otherwise you get back an object with one property (ConfigManagerErrorCode):

Get-WmiObject win32_cdromdrive | select -expand ConfigManagerErrorCode
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Thanks. Great answer, you solved the problem and pointed me in the right direction to learn more. Thanks! –  Samuel French Jun 24 '13 at 20:14

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