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I have a strange problem with any of my drawables.

On occasions where I show a simple icon (png) other image (png) that I have not selected overlaps to the first. This is a big problem since it is a small icon show and what overlaps is an big image that occupies all or most of the screen. In order to understand better put a screenshot:

capture with bug (Sorry for bad resolution.)

As you can seen, the letters is in the half screen where should display only a small icon that you can see centered in letters. In other screens it happen with all screen and with other icons but always with letters.

This happens with android sdk versions 8-10 (2.2 and 2.3.3) and in layouts of the type layout-small-land. I tried to make a clean proyect, delete the icons and creates again, delete the image and put it under another name and is still playing. Does anyone know what could be the problem?

My application support android 8 to 17. My layout directory structure is: layout layout-land layout-small-land layout-large-land layout-xlarge-land layout-land-sw320dp layout-land-sw360dp layout-land-sw480dp layout-land-sw600dp layout-land-sw720dp

Drawables are: Icons in /drawable-ldpi (and mdpi/hdpi/xhdpi) Letters in /drawable (only)

My application is design exclusively to horizontally but if not create the directory layout I had a block when turn off the screen.

I would remove directories like small, large, xlarge but many phones are using these layouts of these directories and I'm not sure I can safely remove them.

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