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//Earlier in the code, in each Model:
query = ModelName::select('table_name.*')

//Later in the code in a function in a Trait class that is always called

    if ($column == 'group_by')
        $thing_query->select(DB::raw('COUNT('.$value.') as count'));

Is there a way to append or include a separate select function in the eloquent query builder?

The actual ->select() is set earlier and then this function is called. I'd like to add the count column conditionally in this later function that has the query passed into it.

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For future reference, you can use the addSelect() function.

It would be good to have in the documentation, but you'll find it here in the API:

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That link doesn't work for me, this one does:… – Benubird Jan 28 at 16:05
Thanks, have updated – Cameron Feb 2 at 4:59

Try this: $thing_query->groupBy($value)->get(DB::raw('COUNT('.$value.') as count'));

Also,if you are just trying to get the count and not select multiple things you can use ->count() instead of ->get()

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That doesn't add the count to my other select queries, just returns it by itself – Damon Jun 25 '13 at 13:01

Yeah you just insert the block you wanna execute as a function....according to the documentation on Parameter Grouping , you can do like passing the Where a function...

This code below probably wont do what you want, but, its something for you to build off of, and play around with.

        ->where('name', '=', 'John')
                  ->select(DB::raw('COUNT('.$value.') as count'));
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