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I'm having a really difficult time creating unit tests for my MVC4 application, using NUnit. Right now I'm just focusing on this one test in particular, which logs a user in OR creates them if they don't exist, and then logs them in. Here is the test :

public void LoginValidUser()
       //Start up the DB connection

        //Setup our default test user
        string UserName = "";
        string Password = "books";
        bool LoginWorked = false;

        //check and see if our test user exists
        if (!WebSecurity.UserExists(UserName))
            //If not, create them
            WebSecurity.CreateUserAndAccount(UserName, Password, new
                Name = "Local Test User",
                IsPromotional = true,
                IsAllowShare = true

            //Log them in
            LoginWorked = WebSecurity.Login(UserName, Password);
            //This user already exists, just log them in     
            LoginWorked = WebSecurity.Login(UserName, Password);

        Trace.WriteLine("Login Valid User Result : " + LoginWorked.ToString());

The problem is that every time I attempt WebSecurity.Login(), I get a null reference exception, and the stack trace points to :

System.Web.Security.FormsAuthentication.SetAuthCookie(String userName, Boolean createPersistentCookie, String strCookiePath);

Calling that method directly before the login attempt the does not change the behavior. Thus, I have two questions :

  • Is there a better way to go about testing these parts of SimpleMembership?
  • If not, is there a good way to override or mock out the AuthCookie so that the login will work when tested in this way?

Any help\insight would be hugely appreciated.

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same issue..... i think simple membership api crashes at {Void SetAuthCookie(System.String, Boolean, System.String)} – Saboor Awan Dec 23 '13 at 8:26

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