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I'm trying to log an error when an attribute of a variable is changed, but the validate is never being triggered, this is my code:

Person = Backbone.Model.extend({
        initialize: function() {
            console.log("hello world");
            this.bind('change:name', function() {
                console.log(this.get('name') + ' is now the value for the name');
            this.bind('error', function(model, error) {
        defaults: {
            name: 'Bob Hope', 
            height: 'unknown'
        validate: function(attributes) {
            if(attributes.name == 'blank'){
                return 'no';

var person = new Person();
person.set({name: 'blank'});

I have even tried called set like this:

person.set({name: 'blank'}, {validate: true});

but that doesn't work either, I'm using version 1.0.0.

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As per the documentation:

By default validate is called before save, but can also be called before set if {validate:true} is passed.

Also, the event that is triggered is invalid, not error, so try this:

this.bind('invalid', function(model, error) {
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