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This one really stumps me. I'm trying to create a MySQL query that I can populate information into a columns table to then export into SQLite. I can populate just about anything I want, except when the SELECT statement comes from information_schema.COLUMNS.

Here's a simple example to test. I created a table called TestTbl in a schema called and gave it 2 rows. The first is an AUTO INCREMENT INT id row, and the 2nd is a varchar 100 row called Namedb. I then run the following query.

INSERT INTO `tblinfoetc`.`testtbl` (Namedb)

My message after doing this is:

Affected rows: 0
Time: 0.000s

If I run this without the INSERT INTO line, it returns the records without a hitch. Any ideas?

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This is more of a workaround suggestion than a real solution:

Selecting from information_schema.columns works fine, so try doing the operation in two steps. First, copy the data using a client interface then insert it into the destination table from the client.

I have encountered the same problem on a windows machine running mysql 5.6.13. The query used to work with mysql 5.5. It might be related to this other issue

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