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I'm trying to upload a photo to facebook using the Facebook C# SDK with WP7. Here's my code:

public void PostMessageWithImage(string statusMessage, Stream stream)
        FacebookClient fb = new FacebookClient(AccessToken);
        FacebookMediaStream mediaStream = new FacebookMediaStream
            FileName = DateTime.Now.ToLocalTime().ToLongDateString(),
            ContentType = "image/jpeg",

        fb.PostCompleted += MessagePostCompleted;
        fb.PostAsync( + "/photos", new
                message = statusMessage, //already tried name and caption
                source = mediaStream

I keep getting this:

(OAuthException - #1) (#1) An unknown error occurred 
    at Facebook.FacebookClient.ProcessResponse(HttpHelper httpHelper, String responseString, Type resultType, Boolean containsEtag, IList`1 batchEtags)
    at Facebook.FacebookClient.<>c__DisplayClass4.<ApiAsync>b__1(Object o, OpenReadCompletedEventArgs e)

This code was working fine four months ago, but now I just can't upload photos to Facebook. It only works when I use a url instead of a file. Could you help me?

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i got same error. that my code :

        dynamic argumentContent = new ExpandoObject();
        argumentContent.message = imageDesc;
        if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(imageUrl))
            argumentContent.url = imageUrl;
            argumentContent.source = new FacebookMediaObject
                ContentType = "image/jpeg",
                FileName = FormatUploadPictureFileName()

        FacebookClient fbClient = new FacebookClient(accessToken);
        fbClient.PostTaskAsync("me/photos", argumentContent);
        fbClient.PostCompleted += (postContent, Ex) =>


if this image create with your code and format as stream. so you will got this error. first you need save it as png/jpeg file to isolate storage . then read it and format to bytes[] array from local isolate storage . you will found it's work.

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