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i'd like to make creation page. The it should work is simple : when a project's title is clicked, a large image (imgdefault in the code below), miniature image (miniatures) and description (description) are displayed at the same time.

The code generated by PHP

<ul id="imgdefault">
  <li><img src="GdeImg0.jpg" /><img src="GdeImg1.jpg" /></li>
  <li><img src="GdeImg2.jpg" /><img src="GdeImg3.jpg" /></li>
<ul id="miniatures">
    <li><img src="miniaturesImg0.jpg" /><img src="miniaturesImg1.jpg" /></li>
    <li><img src="miniaturesImg2.jpg" /><img src="miniaturesImg3.jpg" /></li>       
<ul id="description">
    <li>Description Images 0</li>
    <li>Description Images 1</li>   

In jQuery, the beginning of my function works after the first click. After that ... i am lost.

$("#listeProjet ul li").click(function () {
     $("#imgdefaut > li:not(li:nth-child(1)) > img").css({'visibility':'hidden'});
     $("#miniatures > li:not(li:nth-child(1))").css({'visibility':'hidden'});
     $("#description > li:not(li:nth-child(1))").css({'visibility':'hidden'});              
     $("#imgdefaut > li:not(li:nth-child("+ $(this).index().next("li") +")) > img").css({'visibility':'visible'});
     $("#miniatures > li:not(li:nth-child("+ $(this).index().next("li") +"))").css({'visibility':'visible'});
     $("#description > li:not(li:nth-child("+ $(this).index().next("li") +"))").css({'visibility':'visible'});                            

With no results. Can anyone help me?

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Click can accept only 1 event handler.. Looks like you want to toggle on each click.. Also looks like you have posted the required HTML –  Sushanth -- Jun 25 '13 at 0:36
you might want to have a look at FancyBox, it might be what you need... –  lukeocom Jun 25 '13 at 2:42

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