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I have a form that needs to collect the values and turn into a JSON query. However, when I use JSON.stringify it removes the zero off any zip code that begins with zero. Is there any way to prevent that?

Here is a simple version of the code I'm trying to use:

var zipcode = 02122;
var data = {
   ZipCode : zipcode

var jsonQuery = JSON.stringify(data);
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02122 === 1106. Yes, really. –  SLaks Jun 25 '13 at 0:45

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You're making a fundamental mistake:

Zip codes are not numbers

Numbers are for numeric data – things that you might add or multiply.
Leading zeroes in a number are intrinsically meaningless, and are not stored anywhere.

Zip codes are strings that happen to only contain digits.

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I'm working in Sencha touch and I was saving the zipcode into local storage as a string so I couldn't figure out why it was ending up an integer. I was troubleshooting within the controller logic but it turns out I had the model field set to integer - doh! –  iluvpinkerton Jun 25 '13 at 17:59

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