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Section of Servlet 3.0 Spec reads-

Other than the startAsync and complete methods, implementations of the request and response objects are not guaranteed to be thread safe. This means that they should either only be used within the scope of the request handling thread or the application must ensure that access to the request and response objects are thread safe.

I am using Jetty and my question is -

My requirement is to read the request's ServletInputStream in my async thread which is processing request. Now, if I were to read http headers etc, it will be easy. I can read them before I start async and pass onto the thread.

But, in my case I need to use ServletInputStream as I don't want to buffer the content before I pass onto processing thread.

Is there a way I can solve this problem? Or, if I just pass reference of ServletInputStream to processing thread, will I be just fine?

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As long as you make sure that only one thread is reading from the ServletInputStream at any one time you will be fine.

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