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I'm reading about windows drivers and in the resources I read, input is generally done by a user program calling WriteFile on the devices file and output is done by a user program calling ReadFile (or by DbgPrint).

Is it possible for a device to get input directly from keyboard and outputing directly to the screen without interfering with display/keyboard drivers?

More specifically, let's say I'd like to write a driver working as following. Whenever the F10 key is pressed everything freezes and the screen becomes red; pressing F10 again restores everything. How would I do it?

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look at this post:… – user3409863 Mar 12 '14 at 9:21

Very short answer,

Whenever the F10 key is pressed everything freezes

You may want to write keyboard class filter to read keys pressed. Here is sample

the screen becomes red

You may want to write display/monitor filter driver. Reference

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