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According to this post, I tried to use ^.*(?!http).*$ to find all lines that is not containing the string http, but no luck.


"NetworkError: 404 Not Found - http://wap-uat01.webuat.opg/finance/img/arrow.gif"
GET http://wap-uat01.webuat.opg/site/brknews/xml/focus/focus_finance.xml?dummy=1372124875337
404 Not Found
xui-2.0.0.js(1221 line)
GET http://wap-uat01.webuat.opg/site/fin/xml/delay/topten/topStock_stock_up.xml?dummy=1372124875339
404 Not Found
xui-2.0.0.js(1221 line)
GET http://wap-uat01.webuat.opg/site/fin/xml/delay/topten/topStock_stock_down.xml?dummy=1372124875341
404 Not Found
xui-2.0.0.js(1221 line)
GET http://wap-uat01.webuat.opg/site/fin/xml/hotStock/fin_hotstock_utf8.xml?dummy=1372124875342
404 Not Found
xui-2.0.0.js(1221 line)
GET http://wap-uat01.webuat.opg/site/fin/xml/delay/index/u_HSI.xml?dummy=1372124875343
404 Not Found
xui-2.0.0.js(1221 line)
GET http://wap-uat01.webuat.opg/site/fin/xml/delay/index/u_HSCEI.xml?dummy=1372124875345
404 Not Found
xui-2.0.0.js(1221 line)
GET http://wap-uat01.webuat.opg/site/xml/polling.xml?dummy=1372124875346

Is there any idea for this issue? Thanks.

Live demo: http://regexr.com?35b85

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Is the whitespace necessary? I'm tempted to compress them... I think it wouldn't change the essential question, right? –  icedwater Jun 25 '13 at 3:31
@icedwater Sorry I don't really understand what you means Is the whitespace necessary. –  Charles Yeung Jun 25 '13 at 3:36
I mean the added blank lines between the lines of text could be removed and still not change the fact that your question is about a regexp over multiple lines. Like 404 Not Found <br/> 19ms would look more compact than 404 Not Found <br/><br/><br/> 19ms, for example. –  icedwater Jun 25 '13 at 3:40
Yes sure, the lines of text could be removed. –  Charles Yeung Jun 25 '13 at 3:42

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Firstly, to test it in the manner you are seeking, turn on "multiline" mode. The ^ character indicates the beginning of ALL text otherwise. (And without dotall, the .* sequence won't go past new lines, though with multiline mode on, you do not want dotall.)

I think this expression ought to do what you want, but it is not working on that page (my guess would be because of an issue highlighting newlines):


However, it is working here:


And if you don't want empty lines, you can replace the above regex with:


And that DOES show the results you are probably looking for: http://regexr.com?35b8h

The difference between our expressions is that yours allows the expression to find any number of characters which are not followed by "http" and then any number of characters afterward. So, for the line:

"NetworkError: 404 Not Found - http://wap-uat01.webuat.opg/finance/img/arrow.gif"

...your expression


...would go as far as it could go without encountering http immediately afterward, i.e., "NetworkError: 404 Not Found - (i.e., stopping before the space) and accept that, and then continue with the final http://wap-uat01.webuat.opg/finance/img/arrow.gif" code (i.e., the code starting with the space), going all the way to the end of the line.

In my modified code, however, it excludes cases where "http" can be found anywhere after the beginning of a line, and then, if it can't, it includes all characters until the end of the line in the results (remembering that the (?!...) check did not actually consume any characters):

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Thanks, upvoted for the updated demo. –  Charles Yeung Jun 25 '13 at 3:23
Sure, thanks--and note that I have given an update explaining the difference in effect between our expressions... –  Brett Zamir Jun 25 '13 at 3:26
Sorry, but seems not work on live demo jsbin.com/iyidug/1, got [""] in the console. –  Charles Yeung Jun 25 '13 at 3:32
You probably want to use console.log(/^(?!.*?http).+$/gm.exec(t)) (i.e., with a +) since my code is grabbing the empty lines too (i.e., where from start to finish there is no http even if empty). –  Brett Zamir Jun 25 '13 at 3:42
Oh, you are great. –  Charles Yeung Jun 25 '13 at 3:47

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