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I ran a grouping by two columns and applied a function to that df.groupby(['is_registered', 'user_id']).apply(tests_scores_avg) which produced a new unlabeled column in a multi-index series.

The result looks like this:

is_registered     user_id
False             2          0.666667
                  4          0.666667
                  18         0.428571
                  19         0.500000
                  20         0.666667
                  21         1.000000
                  24         0.684211
True              69414      0.000000
                  69416      1.000000
                  69417      0.666667
                  69429      1.000000
                  69433      1.000000
                  69434      1.000000
Length: 119276, dtype: float64

How can I access only the rows equal to 'False' or 'True' and get their unnamed column values? (would like to plot them)


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The result you currently have is a Series with a MultiIndex, so all the usual rules will apply. If your result is called res, then res.ix[False] gives you just the Falses, indexed now by only user_id. Likewise for res.ix[True]. See the docs.

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Thanks, I mistakenly tried using .ix['False'] – d1337 Jun 25 '13 at 3:37
We've all done that. – TomAugspurger Jun 25 '13 at 3:58

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