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I have

  • table row with click event
  • button with click event, that button is on table row

and I have problem. When I hit button, row click event execute too, but I don't want this behavior. I want only button click execute, without row click.

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look at your code this is what you should do in the button click event stopPropagation

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Using jQuery (due to question tag):

$('#yourButton').click(function(e) {
    // stop event from bubbling up to row element

    // now do your stuff
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You can call an extra function onClick

this is the function:

function cancelBubble(e){

    e.cancelBubble = true;

And button's onClick you can write like


yourfunctionname:: is the name of your function you are already calling.

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Also I had a dropdown overlayed on a clickable element. So just use the following to prevent propagation to the underlying element for all modern browsers


For older cross browser solution, must use IE event.cancelBubble

onclick="if(event.stopPropagation) event.stopPropagation(); else event.cancelBubble=true;"
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