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I'm working on app to find routes between 2 address via SNMP. The app needs to support multiple MIBs. For MIB 2, I was able to query routing tables e.g ipRouteNextHop, etc.

In CISCO-CDP-MIB, is it possible to find next hop address? If so, which OID is it? I've looked at the OIDs, but couldn't find any info about hop address (perhaps I missed it).

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Have you tried anything? Check if this is helpful tools.cisco.com/Support/SNMP/do/… –  Narendra Jun 25 '13 at 5:19
Unfortunately that is another MIB, the reason CISCO-CDP-MIB should be supported is because by default it's available on all cisco devices. –  manus Jun 25 '13 at 8:18
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No, there isn't a guaranteed way to get next-hop from the CISCO-CDP-MIB; the problem is that CDP only advertises one IP address for the entire machine, and there is no assurance that the IP address used by CDP is your appropriate next-hop. I am not sure why you don't want to use ipRouteNextHop, but that is a fine way to discover routing information for any big-name commercial routing platform.

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