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In my WPF application, I have added a reference to a COM callable wrapper dll. This dll basically acts as an interface between my WPF application(.exe) and a legacy .exe (MF) project.

I have made solution of legacy code including COM callable wrapper, legacy project (.exe) and another solution contiainig the WPF applciation.

When Legacy code's exe is lauchned through debugging everything works great. But when I run the Legacy exe. from outside Visual Studio (not debugging it), then my WPF application fails to connect to the legacy's exe. through COM callable wrapper.

Can any one please help me with this problem? Many thanks in advance

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I got to know the problem. So basically when I debug my legacy, the exe. is launched from the debug folder. So when WPF tries to connect to the legacy's exe. that is the debug path that I have given. But when I lanuch Legacy exe without debug that is lauchned from a different location, due to whcih my WPF app does not connect to it.

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