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    while (var<10)  

        String line=keyboard.nextLine();
        input = line.charAt(0);

        int i=0;
        if (var<i+game.getDisguisedWord().length()-1)
            System.out.print("Guess #" + game.guessCount()+": ");
        if (game.isFound())

not sure what's wrong, but if I print out i, it just stays at 1. I need to do this in order to get something to stop printing :(

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put 'int i=0;' out of the while loop. –  StKiller Jun 25 '13 at 6:19
What does game.getWrong() returns ? Where do you change the value of var ? Why are you initializing int i=0; inside the loop ? –  NINCOMPOOP Jun 25 '13 at 6:20

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int i=0 is the error. It initialises i to 0 in every iteration, thus your i value stays at 1 after i++ in the next step. To initialize it only once, put it outside the while loop.

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You need to put

int i = 0; 

above the

    while (var<10)  

This is because you are calling the 'i' variable each time it loops, then using i++, it will always be '1'. Thus will not save it for the next loop.

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In your code, i will be treated as a local variable, and every time the loop completes one iteration, i will be destroyed.

In the next iteration, i will be created and initialized by 0. You need to initialize this variable outside of your while loop.

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You are initializing i in every iteration.

int i = 0;

has to be outside of the loop body, before the loop. It would also make sense to put

String line = keyboard.nextLine();

outside of the loop body as well. 'line' doesn't need to be initialized in every iteration either.

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