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I have report that based on the Createdon date group and its amount on that.so I have created group on createdon in SSRS Report and also put sorting based on createdon date.The data is like this

Date                Total Amount
6-22-2013             500
5-23-2013             500
5-24-2013             1000
5-28-2013             200
6-21-2013             300
6-23-2013             400

I shown you some of the data.same way that are lots of data and every data shown as expected.but expect the one data as you can see the first record regarding 6-22-2013.It should be come second last based on group as i sort group based on Createdon date.I feel that this bug is from Microsoft.However I am not sure but how can only one record created this problem?Any help from anybody would be appreciated.

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Can you check if the date field is actually date. I mean if it is text then it will be sorted arbitrarly .

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Yes I have checked.I have created one calculated field called custDate =cDate(FormatDateTime(Fields!createdon.Value,DateFormat.ShortDate)) and based on this I have sort the group based on this custDate field –  Kartik Patel Jun 25 '13 at 7:20
I would advise doing your date format conversions in the DB layer, then make sure the column's Data Type is one of the DATETIME variations. Then it should sort appropriately in SSRS. –  sion_corn Jun 25 '13 at 17:22

Try sorting by below expressions

=day(Fields!createdon.Value)-- 1st sort expression

=month(Fields!createdon.Value)--2nd sort expression

=Year(Fields!createdon.Value)-- 3rd sort expression

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