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Prior to my question on JSP Insert footer based on condition in for loop, I am wondering if I can do something based on this situation:

I have number of records, x. The number of records I want to print per page is say 35, so let's say x=100, I would like to print 3 pages, 2 pages that contain 35 records each and the last page prints 30.

How do I go about doing it?

I can only think of...

for (int i=0; i<35; i++)
    //loop records and print 35 records in first page
for (int i=36; i<70;i++)
    // loop second page of another 35 records for printing.
for (int i=71;i<totalrecords;i++)
   // loop last page...

Looks like I have to use nested loops for this?

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maybe this is better :)

int totalRecords = 10;
int pageCounter=0;
int rowsCounter=3;
for(int i=0;i<totalRecords;i++){
    System.out.println("Record :"+i+" on Page:"+pageCounter);

This is obviously for 10 records, with 3 results on each page. When you run it this is the output:

Record :0 on Page:1

Record :1 on Page:1

Record :2 on Page:1

Record :3 on Page:2

Record :4 on Page:2

Record :5 on Page:2

Record :6 on Page:3

Record :7 on Page:3

Record :8 on Page:3

Record :9 on Page:4

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