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I want the data retrived from Oracle Database to be used as a content of QTablewidget.

Since My database contains thousands of records it takes more time to populate(using loop) it into QTableWidget. Is there any other option populate it without using (for/while)loops? I want to reduce the timetaken to populate.

(1) Currently using Code:

connection = self.DB_Connect()
cursor = connection.cursor()
results = cursor.fetchall()

for row in range(0,len(results)):
    record = results[row]                 
    for column in range (0,len(record)):                        
        newitem = QTableWidgetItem(str(record[column]))

(2) I want similar to .NET code as mentioned below

adap = New OleDbDataAdapter(query, dbcon)
dgdb.DataSource = ds.Tables(0)
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Can you use the QtSQL api to connect to your database?. To use data-bindings you need to use a QTableView + QSQLTableModel. –  Mark Harviston Sep 1 '13 at 22:16

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