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I am a newbie to PHP and need help in exporting a selected content from Mysql Table to MS Excel using PHP. I need this done by a click of a button or a link.

Below is a piece of code I have done so far but I am consistently getting a warning as "Cannot modify header information - headers already sent". Also suggest a good way to export table on a click of a button\link. Thanks

//Export Contents

$header = '';

$data = '';

$fields = mysql_num_fields($sql);

//fetch header

for($i=0; $i < $fields; $i++)

    $header .= mysql_field_name($sql, $i)."\t";

//fetch data each row, store on tabular row data

while($row = mysql_fetch_row($sql))

    $line = '';
    foreach($row as $value)
        if(!isset($value) || $value == "")
            $value = "\t";
            $value = str_replace('"', '""', $value);
            $value = '"'.$value.'"'."\t";

        $line .= $value;

    $data .= trim($line)."\n";
    $data = str_replace("\r", "", $data);

//Naming the excel sheet

$name = $customerFilter."_".date('d-m-y').".xls";


header("Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=$name");

header("Pragma: no-cache");

header("Expires: 0");

//Output Data

echo $header."\n\n".$data;
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The mysql query

SELECT <column list>
FROM <table>
INTO OUTFILE '/tmp/somefilename.csv'

Then redirect to the file

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if you got a "headers already sent" you have some output (whitespaces) before sending your excel headers. Please enshure that the <?php tag is the very first in your file.

Please read this thread: Headers already sent by PHP

You should use a library like this http://phpexcel.codeplex.com/ to be able to output stable excel files.

Here is a hello world example for phpexcel:


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