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I have multiple expanding / collapsing boxes on a single page being generated by PHP / MySQL.

Problem is, when I click on one link to expand a box, it expands all the boxes.

I thought about appending the post ID at the end of the class (<div class="postreplycontainer-POST_ID">) but I am not sure if that will work since I'd have to figure out a way to change the jQuery.

Here's a working example:

Keep in mind, I can't manually code in each box because I am pulling the content from the database.

EDIT: Maybe somebody can help me with an additional problem.

I want to focus the textarea box when I expand the <div>. I tried using the same trick as before (using .closest but that didn't work).

Here's the example:

This example will always focus the first <textarea>.

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Thank you everyone that answered! They all worked but I chose the answer that didn't rely on any table following the div. – Draven Jun 25 '13 at 7:57
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Here's the FIDDLE

$("a.postreply").click(function () {
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Try this:

$("a.postreply").click(function () {
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If you call $("div.postreplycontainer") you will access all divs, if the div is always after a table you can use

$("a.postreply").click(function() {

to slide that div

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I think this should be ok for your problem.

$("a.postreply").click(function () {
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