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In the app I'm currently working on, I need to drag and drop UIButtons. This is working without problem. The issue I'm facing is that I would like to somehow recognize their orders. For exemple on my Storyboard, I have in the view those three buttons tagged with numbers :

|2| |3| |1|

I would like to be able to tell the user whether or not the buttons are in the good order. Is there a way to achieve this ?

Many thanks in advance ;)

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if you know how it's the best and you already use the tag attribute of the buttons, where is now the problem / question? ^^ please specify a bit more ;) –  geo Jun 25 '13 at 7:49

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I assume that you wan to check order horizontally. Whenever you want to check the order, just get the button.frame.origin.x for all buttons and compare them.
I consider that correct order is 1 | 2 |3. Call below method whenever you want to check the order :

- (void)checkOrder {
    positionOfbutton1 = button1.frame.origin.x;
    positionOfbutton2 = button2.frame.origin.x;
    positionOfbutton3 = button3.frame.origin.x;

    if (positionOfbutton1 > positionOfbutton2 || positionOfbutton2 > positionOfbutton3)
        // Show alert that buttons are disordered
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