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I generated the barcode by using php in kohana 2.3.

I can able to view only the barcode image.

I can't able to store that image into one folder.

I used that below code

 $coupon_code =  text::random($type = 'alnum', $length = 6);                                                       $img = $this->code128BarCode($coupon_code);
      //Get the image from the output buffer
     $output_img     =   ob_get_clean();
     echo '<img type="file" name="barcode" style="height:30px;width:100px;" src="data:image/png;base64,' . base64_encode($output_img) . '" />'; exit;

help me to store that image into folder.

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You must use imagepng in correct manner to save image some where. Like

imagepng($img, $saved_file_path);

See imagepng tutorial for more.

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Thank u very much kuldeep.kamboj.. Its working good..... – manoranjani.a Jun 26 '13 at 9:56

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