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I'm sending names by appending its uuids like this


I'm displaying this in autoCompletefb . when a value is selected on drop down list I'm splitting the string with '_' and taking the uuid. but my problem is that the whole string displays in drop down list. How can I display only the name on drop down list but stil able to take the whole string on selection? Please help

My code

    jQuery.fn.autoCompletefb = function(options) 
    var tmp = this;
    var settings = 
        ul         : '',
        urlLookup  : [""],
        acOptions  : {},
        foundClass : ".acfb-data",
        inputClass : ".acfb-input"

    if(options) jQuery.extend(settings, options);

    var acfb = 
        params  : settings,
        getData : function()
            var result = '';
                if (i>0)result+=',';
                result += $('span',this).html();
            return result;
        clearData : function()
            return tmp.acfb;
        removeFind : function(o){
            return tmp.acfb;

    $(settings.foundClass+" img.p").click(function(){

    i = 0;
        var f = settings.foundClass.replace(/\./,'');
        var img_path = $('#hiddenurl').val() +'images/';
        var split_array = d[0].split('_');
        var v = '<li class="'+f+'"><span> <input type="hidden" name="symptoms[]" value="'+split_array[1]+'">'+split_array[0]+'</span> <img class="p" src="'+img_path+'delete.gif"/></li>';
        var x = $(settings.inputClass,tmp).before(v);

    return acfb;

$(document).ready(function() {

                var acfb = $("ul.first").autoCompletefb({urlLookup:$('#hiddenurl').val() + 'index.php/Autocomplete/'});

                $("#show_value1" ).click(function(){alert(acfb.getData());});
                $("#clear_value1").click(function(){acfb.clearData();     });

                function acfbuild(cls,url){
                    var ix = $("input"+cls);
                    ix.addClass('acfb-input').wrap('<ul class="'+cls.replace(/\./,'')+' acfb-holder"></ul>');

                    return $("ul"+cls).autoCompletefb({urlLookup:$('#hiddenurl').val() + 'index.php/Autocomplete/'});

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As per my understanding, you can try to reduce the "width of the options list", this hides the remaining characters.

I have an example most likely to yours(using chosen.js), check this in JSFiddle and share your opinion.

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