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So, I'm starting an API from a new rails-api project. I would like to use Devise for all the authentication stuff. I already learned a lot from my recent googling-sessions. I have a working SessionsController, however I noticed with the RegisterController that I certainly missed something about the duo Rails-API+Devise.

I still get the following error :

NameError (undefined local variable or method 'flash' for #    <RegistrationsController:0x007ff6022b44b8>)`

From a pure API perspective should I keep working with Devise flash messages since I don't want to render views? I didn't included ActionDispatch::Flash based on the principe that I'll just render JSON. So, is there a way to properly deal with that case?

Thank you.

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I wrote this blog post about using Rails 4 + Rails-API + devise. You may find it useful. – Emil Aug 16 '13 at 7:43
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I would rather suggest to send messages in json instead of having flash[:messages]. If you are not dealing with views then go for json, flash is not required.

Something like:

      render :json => {:message => "message", :data => data}
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