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I'm trying to save new artist and title id3 tags into tracks. Loading tags from tracks working good, also editing title for track is working fine. But when i try to edit performer (artist) it didn't change anything. Here is the code

public void renameID3(string artist,string title)
   using (TagLib.File f = TagLib.File.Create(FInfo.FullName))
            f.Tag.Artists[0] = artist; //Both of them are not ...
            f.Tag.Performers[0] = artist; //working

            f.Tag.Title = title; //This works fine

Plus I looked the definiton of FirstPerformer and FirstPerformer members of TagLib class but they don't have any set method. Anyone know how to solve this?

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Stuck with the very same problem. Found that clearing Performers first makes it work as intended:

using(TagLib.File tlFile = TagLib.File.Create(newFileName)){
    //tlFile.Tag.Performers = new []{translateDict[author]}; //doesn't work
    tlFile.Tag.Performers = null; //clearing out performers
    tlFile.Tag.Performers = new []{translateDict[author]}; //works now
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You are the best man! Huge thanks – Ali Yeşilkanat Jun 27 '13 at 19:44
You shouldn't need the =null step. The problem is that Performers, et al return new array so editing it doesn't make changes to the underlying data structure. It should really return an IEnumerable<String> but I was young and reckless. – Brian Nickel Jul 3 '13 at 6:06
TagLib.File f = TagLib.File.Create(yourFile);
f.Tag.AlbumArtists = new string[] { "Artist 1", "Artist 2", ... };
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