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I have a big string from which I would like to extract all parts that are inside round braces.

Say I have a string like

"this (one) that (one two) is (three )"

I need to write a function that would return an array

["one", "one two", "three "]

I tried to write a regex from some advice found here and failed, since I seem to only get the first element and not a proper array filled with all of them: http://jsfiddle.net/gfQzK/

var match = s.match(/\(([^)]+)\)/);

Could someone point me in the right direction? My solution does not have to be regular expression.

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You are almost there. You just need to change a few things.
First, add the global attribute to your regex. Now your regex should look like:


Then, match.length will provide you with the number of matches. And to extract the matches, use indexes such as match[1] match[2] match[3] ...

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You need a global regex. See if this helps:

var matches = [];
str.replace(/\(([^)]+)\)/g, function(_,m){ matches.push(m) });

console.log(matches); //= ["one", "one two", "three "]

match won't do as it doesn't capture groups in global regex. replace can be used to loop.

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You need to use the global flag, and multiline if you have new lines in there, and continually exec the result until you have all your results in an array:

var s='Russia ignored (demands) by the White House to intercept the N.S.A. leaker and return him to the United States, showing the two countries (still) have a (penchant) for that old rivalry from the Soviet era.';

var re = /\(([^)]+)\)/gm, arr = [], res = [];
while ((arr = re.exec(s)) !== null) {



For reference check out this mdn article on exec

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